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Whatsapp direct 2020 Send message without saving number

- mohamad
Whatsapp direct 2020

Whatsapp direct 2020

Whatsapp direct is the only program similar to WhatsApp that has a feature that makes it superior to WhatsApp. In this post, we have provided you with the benefits and download link Whatsapp direct 2020 Send message without saving number

About Whatsapp direct 2020 :

  • Whatsapp Direct is a great messenger for sending messages to your desired number that is not in your contacts and you can easily chat without saving it on your phone.
  • You can take notes or chat about its capabilities
  • Supports WhatsApp trading
  • This Whatsapp  file size is low and does not fill up much space on your phone
  • Your activity history is stored in it and you can find the desired conversation by date

Steps to work with Whatsapp direct 2020 :

Enter the number you have in order to send the message.1
Write the message you want to send on the talk page that was created for you and click Send.2
Now a window will open for you to chat with the person you want.3
You can also send the video or file you want by clicking on send media.4

Whatsapp direct feature :

With Whatsapp direct 2020, you can create links for your WhatsApp and share them with others, and at the same time you can have two WhatsApps on your phone.


Whatsapp direct

Whatsapp direct

Download link Whatsapp direct 2020 :

download and installation vote Click on the link below without a password for the Android version

Whatsapp direct download link

You can also download our high-speed telegram versions